G.O v G.T.A V

For those who don’t regularly peruse The Other Blog (I wonder if I should fold the two into one thing… by which I mean I wonder how much Adsense revenue would I actually be giving up) the most recent episode of GAME OVERTHINKER went up last week.

It’s about GTA V, and since we’re still sixteen days out from the release of Hardcore Gaming’s next obligatory AAA money-printing aparatus that means GTA V is still theoretically a relevant topic of conversation for… sixteen more days, pretty much. So enjoy.

P.S. There’s also a lower-quality YouTube version.

Told You Zack Snyder Could Make Something Great Out of SUPERMAN…

…he just needed the guiding hand of someone who actually likes and/or “gets” the material. For “Man of Steel,” he had the Nolan Bros., and we saw how that turned out. But here he was working in-tandem with Bruce Timm, for decades steward of the yet-to-be-equaled DC Animated Universe; and the resulting “75 Years of Superman” short is pretty incredible…

…for the most part. There’s still a palpable sense of deflation as we segue into the egregiously awful-looking “New 52” Superman on the way to MOS Superman, who somehow looks even more dull and dour as a cartoon. Also, I’m sorry – it’s kind of bullshit that Brandon Routh (and Dean Cain!) don’t make the cut but Red/Blue “Electric” Superman does; although who could’ve predicted that one day those two and “Mullet” Superman wouldn’t be the most depressing/embarassing thing in a video like this?

Always Bet On Neeson

The last 11 seconds of this trailer for “NON-STOP” (summary: A locked-room murder mystery on a plane but with a bomb and also Taken is there) represented one of the most thrillingly-stupid “money shots” in an action trailer in years.

This man was nominated for an Oscar. For “Schindler’s List.”

Start Digging, S.H.I.E.L.D. Fans

Courtesy Twitter user @robtrench, here’s a hi-res snap of Agent Coulson’s memorabilia shelf from last night’s 4th episode of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (no, I do not consider this any kind of “spoiler”), which seems to have been assembled for the specific purpose of having fans look over it for clues about… whatever. Click it for the full-size and have at it, kiddies.

It’s funny, I was joking in week 2 when I floated my crazy fanboy theory that “the twist” with Coulson might be that he’s actually been Jim Hammond all along… but some of this stuff does look pretty old and random. Those two stone tablets are certainly interesting, anybody recognize them (or what era that pilot’s helmet might be from?

HERCULES (not the Rock one) Trailer

Because… because, you’re getting two different Hercules movies this coming year; one directed by Renny Harlin (remember when he was interesting?) which features B-movie martial arts star Scott Adkins (yay!) but NOT as Hercules (boo!); the other featuring The Rock (yay!) but directed by Brett Ratner (boo!).

This is the trailer for the Harlin version, which looks like one of those YouTube “fan-trailers” made out of other movies. Have fun picking out which shots/scenes/compositions/etc were taken from “300,” “The Hobbit,” “Gladiator” (the film doesn’t seem to grasp that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were two different places and eras in history) “Troy,” “Immortals,” etc.

Yo Ho

Below, a trailer for Michael Bay’s (producer) new cable series, BLACK SAILS, which is about pirates.

Technically this has been up since SDCC, but it’s back in the news this weekend as Starz has gone and ordered up a full two seasonsto start even though the series has yet to debut. The last time Starz was that confident in a series it was Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s SPARTACUS, which the network is hoping SAILS will be a ratings replacement for.