All Three AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Villains (Possibly) Revealed…

…and do I even need to say it?

I’m putting the actual image (which if fake is a pretty good fake scooped from Twitter by ComicBookMovie) after the jump, because one of the three is still not “officially” announced even if it’s the least surprising thing possible. Suffice it to say, sanding The Rhino and Electro – two of the most interestingly-designed iconic Spider-Man villains, easily – down to “Man In Hoodie” and “Boring Robot” is kind of an accomplishment in and of itself. “Different” is one thing – this is just boring.

Hit the jump for the “spoiler”…

Part of why I’m disinclined to think of this as a fake is the work that’d have to go into it: Make the fake image, print it out onto parchment-style poster and hang it in a plausible location.

In this case, the wallpaper screams “hotel conference room,” which would suggest this was probably snapped at a merchandising meetup – i.e. “here’s what you’ll be putting onto lunchboxes and party-plates.” Therefore, it’s possible for this to be a “real” poster but not a final poster. I imagine it’s pretty close, though.

The less said about Electro the better, at this point. I know that Rhino is here being drawn from Ultimate Marvel’s R.H.I.N.O. concept… and I don’t like it here, either. It really is amazing that the entire “Ultimate” experiment didn’t yield a single not-shit new idea outside of the Samuel L. Jackson gag. Speaking of which, it looks like you can see a closer shot of Green Goblin’s face on the billboard/screen in the upper right-hand corner – the gossip on this one is that A.) it’s actually Harry Osborn who becomes the Goblin this time, and B.) this will be “Ultimate” Green Goblin – who’s basically a less-interesting version of The Abomination.

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