One Weird Trick To See If This Title Thing Actually Makes An SEO Difference For This Post About BEAUTY & THE BEAST

Because none of you listened, “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” was a huge hit and Disney has decided that live-action do-overs of it’s fairytale back catalogue is the new hotness; hence “MALIFICENT” next year and similar updates of “PETER PAN,” “LITTLE MERMAID” and more in various stages of planning. They haven’t actually announced it yet, but it goes without saying that a revisiting of “BEAUTY & THE BEAST” – widely considered to be the best film of the studio’s 90s Renaissance if not their best film period – is likely in the offing.

But now, if they do, they’ll have to get in line. Christophe Gans – France’s answer to Michael Bay, best known in the U.S. for “SILENT HILL” and “BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF” – has put together a big-budget live-action version of “BELL ET LE BETTE.” It looks… very much like a Christophe Gans movie (though apparently on the family-friendly side). There are worse things to look like.

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