AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer May Have Just Shown You ALL Of The Film’s Teases For Part 3.

Seriosuly. I’m pretty sure I just saw the “To Be Continued in Part 3” in the trailer for Part 2.

Buzz on ASM2 is that it’s another problematic production in terms of what was set out to be made versus what Sony now wants, and some of what I’ve seen/heard floating around in the ether is supported by this new trailer, in which Peter Parker continues to explore the shitty revised backstory nobody cared about from the first reboot. From the look/sound of things, Richard Parker was killed because he stumbled on Oscorp’s nefarious plans to create boring, catch-all “unified” origins for uninspired versions of classic Spider-Man villains – THE FIENDS!!!

Short version (because I’m on my way to work) is that the film really was/is supposed to primarily be about Spider-Man versus Jamie Foxx’s Electro, with worldbuilding subplots (and maybe a cliffhanger finale) laying track for an ambitious (in terms of scale) third movie that may or may not feature an Unpleasant Half-Dozen of some kind; but that Sony is hot to have more of that stuff in the forefront of the movie – or at least it’s marketing. Apparently a lot of the “Oh shit, is that…??” stuff prominently on display here was actually written/shot to be late in the game reveals, background gags and possibly even post-credit easter-egg materials but is now being shown off to make it look like the main movie isn’t just “Spider-Man versus Boring Robot & Hoodie Smurf.”

I can’t confirm any of that, but look at pretty-much all the stuff involving Oscorp’s lab (like those SIX doors sliding open, or those two “appliances” in the background) and tell me you don’t feel like you just saw most of this movie’s version of Steve Rogers running out into present-day Times Square.

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