GODZILLA Teaser… teases

I really like the way this opens. The rest? I can go either way – with apologies to every other genre filmmaker on the planet, Spielberg only makes the “scenes of people looking in lieu of content” thing look easy. It doesn’t look anything like director Gareth Edwards “MONSTERS,” which I hated, so I’m thankful for that. Big overhanging question remains: Apart from the big-name main star, what is this going to offer that “PACIFIC RIM” didn’t already deliver ten times over?

Interesting just how much this looks/feels like the buildup to the previous 1998 remake, minus the self-aware 90s humor. It’s odd that two attempts to re-do “GODZILLA” for the U.S. now have (seemingly) focused exclusively on repurposing the original, which is really the extreme outlier of the franchise in terms of tone and focus. There was a period in my life when “Originally, Godzilla was meant to be DARK and SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!” was a really vital, noteworthy thing I wanted the world to know. These days? I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be more pumped right now if this trailer (which does look good, don’t get me wrong) featured a little less ominous portent and a little more giant-lobster punching.

We’ll see.

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