EDGE OF TOMORROW trailer needs more Kill

“EDGE OF TOMORROW” is the hopelessly-generic, boring title given to this otherwise pretty damn good-looking Japanese light-novel adaptation in the belief that it’s original moniker – “ALL YOU NEED IS KILL” – was just too damn awesome for the average audience to wrap it’s brain around. Seriously, WTF? People would actually be talking about that title – “All You Need is KILL?’ What is that? What does that even MEAN!??” They wouldn’t be able to get it out of their heads. (And did no one suggest calling it “RESPAWN,” which still sounds better and would “click” with it’s intended audience?)

The premise is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” high-concepts: It’s “GROUNDHOG DAY” meets “GEARS OF WAR.” Tom Cruise is a green recruit in a war against alien invaders who gets killed in his first deployment… only to find himself somehow stuck in a “time loop” that causes him to wake up alive and well that same first-day of service every time he dies, able to use his gradually improving war skills and specific foreknowledge of what not to do to fight a bit better and progress a bit further each time. Emily Blunt’s character (a fellow soldier who has become a wartime celebrity for having developed inexplicably superhuman combat skills “somehow”) is called either “Full Metal Bitch” or “The Bitch of War” in translations of the original, which I assume won’t be the case here.

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