INTERSTELLAR Trailer Teases Return of the Good Version of Christopher Nolan

It’s been easy to forget – after the (legitimate) down-marks handed him by “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” and “MAN OF STEEL” plus the (murkier) transformation of his name into a synonym for inappropriately-grim movie adaptations of… anything, really – why everybody got so excited about Christopher Nolan in the first place. Once upon a time, the “big deal” about “BATMAN BEGINS” was that a legitimately great, exciting new(ish) filmmaker was going to make a Batman movie.

This teaser for “INTERSTELLAR,” though, serves as a big reminder of the other reason to be glad the Nolan Bros. are mostly getting out of the superhero business:

Show of hands on who would’ve thought, even five years ago, that Matthew McConaughey would “work” as a voice of sombre inspiration? I’m in love with this teaser, and not only because I’m SO onboard with the the idea that our semi-abandonment of space-exploration as a virtuous goal worth striving for being a goddamn disgrace – which seems to be the implicit them at play here, or at least one of them (it was also one of the dozen or so interesting thematic points raised but for no ultimately purpose in “MAN OF STEEL,” so maybe this is a “thing” for these cats.)

Of note: The screenplay for this, by Johnathan Nolan, was originally developed with input/collaboration from Steven Spielberg for him (Spielberg) to direct. He bowed out, Christopher Nolan stepped in. So this is potentially sort of a reverse-“A.I.” in as much as we’ve got a brilliant, anti-emotional, aesthetically-clinical grump taking over a Spielberg project as opposed to the reverse. That should be interesting…

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