ASM2 Blog Starts Teasing Venom. I Know, You’re Shocked.

I called yesterday’s rumor/speculation that, if Green Lantern turned up in JUSTICE LEAGUE he’d be the John Stewart version “one of the easiest” things to predict in genre film right now. THE easiest thing to predict? That Venom will turn up in the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN movies. Because it’s always the mid-90s somewhere, and because Venom has always moved a shit-ton of merchandise for Marvel – so long as you don’t include “comic books” as part of the merchandise.

Anyway, Sony has a Daily Bugle Tumblr running as cheezy viral marketing for the movie (attributed to Fredrick Foswell – heh) that basically blogs references to Spider-Man characters as fake news articles. he most recent update is a bit about Herman Schultz – aka The Shocker, but what jumped out at me was the name “NYPD Special Crimes Unit Detective Stan Carter.”

Ah. Okay, then.

I’ll err on the side of not totally spoiling what may or may not be a plot detail in the movies (go HERE and read the entry if you don’t care), but Stan Carter figures prominently in a mid-80s storyline revolving around a serial shotgun-murderer called “Sin-Eater” (for awhile it was trendy for every “city” superhero to get at least one “what if he fought a real-life style killer?” story) that also involved Daredevil and the death of long-recurring character Captain Jeanne DeWolfe.

The main thrust of the Sin-Eater arc was that his identity was especially hard to suss out, with only Daredevil’s recognition of his heartbeat to go on. The long-term ramifications come in when Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock lands what he believes is an exclusive interview with a guy who confesses to being Sin-Eater… and, suffice it to say, he’s not the guy. Brock didn’t so much lie as jump the gun, but he’s disgraced and unemployable as a result; which is why/how he winds up contemplating suicide in a church that happens to contain the The Symbiote Suit and… you know the rest.

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