Unsoliticed Advice From Nobody

The “big little story” in Hollywood at the moment is that “DHOOM 3” – a Bollywood action movie with a U.S. setting (Chicago, where it was also shot) that was made with a very specific eye on hitting with American audiences – actually pulled off it’s mission; becoming the first Indian film to crack the U.S. top ten (9th place!) and netting the highest U.S. gross ever for a Bollywood production. It’s also a massive hit in the rest of the world, yes, but it’s the American crossover that’s the big story…

It’s the third installment of an ongoing franchise, but it’s mostly a showcase-vehicle for Indian megastar Aamir Khan, who’s new to the series and plays the ostensible “villain” except he’s really not and also the main character (it’s kind of hard to explain without spoiling a huge twist that divides the film’s two 90-minute halves.) U.S. studios are watching this movie, which means they’re definitely watching big Indian leads like this guy – wondering if there’s anyone who can be scooped for Hollywood productions and more of that lucractive international boxoffice.

With that in mind, let me point something out to Disney/Marvel-Studios: On the left, Khan – for context, he’s basically playing Indian Criss Angel in “DHOOM 3.” On the right: NAMOR: THE SUB-MARINER.
Just a thought.

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