"STALINGRAD" Coming To U.S. Theaters

2013’s “STALINGRAD,” alternately known as “STALINGRAD 3D,” is Russia’s first natively-produced IMAX 3D action the highest-grossing Russian movie in history. Basic pitch: An ultra-stylized (think “300”) war epic set during the famous six month battle between Nazi and Soviet forces during WWII. In yet another sign of blockbuster filmmaking’s new era of globalism, the film is getting a U.S. release to IMAX screens in February.

And, holy shit… it looks pretty fucking good:

Seriously. I don’t care what language or format it’s in (or even how good the rest of the movie is), I can’t forsee a scenario where that last bit (starting at 2:25) doesn’t end up being one of the best action beats ever. Wow.

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