Where To See MovieBob At #ARISIA 2014

Hey guys. Just a head’s up, I’ll be working my butt off all weekend on panels at Boston’s ARISIA scifi/fandom convention. Only had one yesterday evening, but I’ve got 13 more spread out between Saturday and Monday. Here’s where/when to come look for me:

11AM “Man of Steel, Plot of Kleenex?” (Otis Media 442)
4PM “DC Comics: The New 52” (Adams Comics 382)
5:30PM “Enders Game” (Paine Media 513)
7PM “Why Do So Many YA Franchises Bomb Onscreen?” (Paine Media 458)
10PM “Remembering Roger Ebert” (Paine Media 458)

10AM “2013 Games Consoles: The Review” (Adams Gaming 176)
1PM “The Year In Marvel Comics” (Adams Comics 565)
2:30PM “Star Wars: What’s Next?” (Paine Media 471)
4PM “State of the Star Trek” (Otis Media 469)
5:30PM “Marvel Cinematic/TV Universe” (Burroughs Media 262)
7PM “Up, Up And Away With Superman!” (Adams Comics 570)

10AM “Race and Identity In Fandom” (Burroughs Communities 548)
1PM “Transformers: A 30 Year Retrospective” (Otis 139)

So, yeah. If you’re already at the Con or were considering swinging in for a day-pass, you can show to these times/places and watch me either work panels or collapse from exhaustion – whichever comes first 🙂

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