More TMNT: Leonardo, Donatello and SHREDDER Revealed!

UPDATE: The studio has been hitting peopel with cease and desist letters regarding the photos, so they’re down for now.

Yup. Consider me onboard, Michael Bay.

As I said re: the earlier image of the maquettes, I’m not “in love” with the jacked-up-badass Turtles as a concept, but this is the best version I can think of FOR said concept. Leonardo looks especially great (love the homemade Japanese fencing-armor look) but then he was always my favorite. The “tech-gear clotheshorse” look for Donny looks a lot less extreme than reported, though we can’t really see his shell:



But Shredder, on the other hand? Holy shit. Shredder looks fantastic! Not nuts about the overly-busy faceplate (nothing is known about where this Shredder comes from, other than that he’ll start out as an American businessman named “Eric Sachs” played by William Fichtner instead of Japanese “Oroku Saki,” possibly to avoid Chinese movie distribution skittishness over Asian villains in otherwise western-dominant movies) but everything else looks fantastic. In many ways it’s an extreme realization of Eastman & Laird’s original “human cheese-grater” concept for the armor – even his cape is made of knives, for fuck’s sake!

This is could, of course, all change when we get our first look at how the mocap CGI and voicework used to bring these guys to life works out, which will supposedly be during a teaser set to debut during The Super Bowl.

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