Yeah I know, everyone is posting screencaps from this. Here’s my five:

Rocket Raccoon getting booked. Note the name LYLLA under his known associates. Lylla is Rocket’s girlfriend. She is an otter.

John C. Reilly as a member of the Nova Corps. It is flat-out, no-bullshit embarassing that Nova Corps looks this much cooler than the Green Lantern Corps. did.
NEW RULE: If you can accurately describe any portion of a film’s trailer using the words “Green Alien Sideboob,” it’s probably a good movie.
Karen Gillan as Nebula – and before you ask, this character both existed and was blue, hot and bald at least a decade before either MASS EFFECT or FARSCAPE.

The big fella getting hoisted up is named Drax the Destroyer. The guy lifting him is named Ronan the Accuser. This is going to be amazing.

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