"PERSECUTED" Trailer Isn’t; But Probably Deserves To Be…

You’ll hear from me in detail on “SON OF GOD” later today, but until then here’s the new trailer for “PERSECUTED” – the Christianity versus (Modern) America B-movie starring a very, very tired-looking James Remar as a preacher that The Gub’mint is trying to frame and/or kill because he’s resisting a bill that would require religious broadcasters to present all faith’s points of view instead of their own singular but which is actually being pushed as a backdoor method of crushing Team Jesus in particular. The point of reference is likely the old FCC Fairness Doctrine rules for editorial-journalism, the repeal of which under the Reagan Administration cleared the way for the right-wing talk radio explosion in the mid-80s:

I’ll admit a peculiar “fetish” for this particular brand of fundie paranoia, which also gave us “THE LAST EAGLE SCOUT. The basic spectacle of one of the largest, longest-lived and most powerful groups/movements in the history of the world play-acting at being genuinely “persecuted” because more and more of the world is moving on from being governed by their arcane “moral” dictums (arcane moral dictums which, incidentally, have been responsible for more actual persecution throughout history than almost any other force on the planet since its inception) is strangely compelling in a “conversation with a toddler and/or crazy-person” kind of way.

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