I lost count, but when I was still counting we were on our seventh or eighth “AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2” trailer, so you can be forgiven for feeling like you’ve now seen pretty-much every minute of the actual film. I mean, geez… I know Sony Pictures is in a bad spot right now and if this thing underperforms (the original was already the lowest-grossing of the “SPIDER-MAN” movies) it’s armageddon for a whole bunch of people at that studio, but still…


Anyway, here’s one more minute of the film, which appears to be an early-ish encounter between Spidey and Hoodie Smurf. I gotta say… Electro’s look still isn’t doing it for me (and we’ve already seen that his “final look” doesn’t get much better, so the “it’s early in the story” thing doesn’t work) and whoever is mixing the sound really needs to bring Garfield’s vocals forward, but I like almost everything else about this – well shot, good sense of scope, and I dig the music right up until that fucking dubstep beat comes in at the very end (is this a piece of music or part of the score?)

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