Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look… okay, I guess?

“AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON” is location-shooting in earnest right now, which means we’ll be seeing set pics out the wazoo. Today, that means we’re getting a look at Wanda and Pietro in costume… but without the extensive special-effects work thats apparently set to be laid-over both of them in post-production. They look… alright. CBM has a decent collection of snaps, which also include guys wearing what look like props/stand-in suits for Ultron himself…
Quicksilver, at least, looks like an admirable attempt to make his comic look work in reality – lightning-bolts and all. Scarlet Witch, on the other hand… gotta be honest, I don’t love it. I guess maybe it’ll be visually interesting to have one Avenger doing the “street clothes plus glowy FX = superhero” look next to an otherwise all-costumes team, I just don’t know that I needed it to be this character. Yes, I know, they weren’t going to have her fighting in what typically amounts to lingerie – though I wouldn’t have complained if they had…

Of course, Quicksilver gets to benefit from how spectacularly awful the version of him in “X-MEN: DOFP” looks, whereas Scarlet Witch just sort of looks like she’s cosplaying Jane Lane. We’ll see.

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