Not Dead

So. Only just occured to me that I haven’t updated this is in a bit. Oops.

Obviously, I imagine most of my readership is aware that anyone who works in or adjacent to gaming has been wrapped up in a stupid controversy that, while it hasn’t impacted ANY work or work-situations for me thus far has been pretty draining, psychically – at the end of the day, I’ve just wanted to sleep when not working or doing things to get away from the web.

Also, while the details are frankly my business and my business alone and I ask that this be respected, the fact is that along with my professional obligations my life for the fall and Winter is going to be well and fully occupied by matters personal – most very, very happy; others much less so, both likely to consume a great deal of my time and energy. I will continue to update this blog (and the OverThinker blog once the next episode is completed), but if you see me “vanish” for a day or three here or there, don’t worry (or celebrate, depending on your reasons for coming here in the first place.)

Anyway, here’s the most-recent BIG PICTURE. My apologies for the delays, again:

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