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You’ve probably heard of, but if not it’s exactly what it sounds like: A niche dating site for Christian folks. Other than deriving a laugh here and there from their Hallmark-earnest TV commercials, I got no problem with that sort of thing existing… but I’m not sure it’s something that requires a movie to advertise itself.

But, here we are.

CHRISTIAN MINGLE is, evidently, a feature-length commercial for it’s namesake; though in the form of a romantic comedy about an unlucky-in-love career woman (Lacey Chabert – oh, that’s too bad…) who dives into online-dating and meets The Perfect Guy… but with a catch: The site that matched them was Christian Mingle, and she’s not actually a believer – so she tries to fake it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the film doesn’t end with the would-be beau learning to tolerate and respect her non-belief.

Along with Chabert, the rest of the cast are the usual type of former stars and also-rans that tend to make cottage industries of the Christian film scene when not doing Lifetime or Syfy movies, notably David Keith and Morgan Fairchild. For some reason it’s directed by Corbin Bernsen, who I’ll always remember best as THE DENTIST.

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