Whelp Of Wall Street

Remember back when WOLF OF WALL STREET was first hitting and people realized you could cut any movie about someone having lots of money to the beats of that trailer and it’d be funny, and the most obvious one 90s kids went to was the live-action RICHIE RICH?

Well, Netflix has apparently decided that what’s cute for like 2 minutes will be hilarious for a season’s worth of binge-watching. Below, the trailer for the streaming giant’s new RICHIE RICHIE reboot series (did anyone even remember hearing they were doing this?) which is pitched, literally, as “Jordan Belfort, but he’s 12.”

So… the gamble here is that “90s Disney Channel/Nickelodeon sitcom” is an aesthetic with enough nostalgia cache that Millennials will binge it and maybe younger kids won’t hate it either? Because I’m not seeing why this is a streaming show and not just turning up on Nick’s fall lineup – unless, of course, it really sucks and none of the cables wanted it.
I’ll say this much: I was more or less going along with the “okay, this is pretty harmless” vibe (the idea that 21st Century Richie is a boy genius whose start-up success is the source of his previously-ordinary family’s cartoonishly-obscene wealth instead of being an Old Money scion is kind of inspired – that I can see being a weekly show) until we get to the pet robot that Richie (who looks to be about 12) has for some reason built (commissioned?) in the form of a human girl in her late-teens that he dresses in a French maid’s outfit.
I know that “Irona” is part of the lore, but she’s usually depicted as an automaton. This version feels like something that’s been calculated to become a wink-wink-nudge-nudge running joke by the writers (“Hey! That’s gonna be a whole other kinda useful in like 5 years, right bro!?”) should the series actually become a hit.

Well, whatever. This comes out tomorrow, and it seems to be the first anyone has heard of it, so I guess we’ll find out.

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