Adam Sandler *Literally* Kills Your Childhood in First PIXELS Trailer

Well. Here’s the trailer for PIXELS, a movie based on a viral internet short that won a bunch of praise a few years back:

The premise then? Earth gets attacked by old arcade game sprites in a clever showcase for pixel-block CGI effects. The premise now? Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage are former rival arcade high-score champs drafted by the President (Kevin James) to battle an army of of evil video-creatures brought to life by invading aliens. Josh Gad and Michelle Monahan are also onhand, for whatever reason.

Chris Columbus directs, which means this is going to be Sandler in family-friendly mode, which I’m sure someone must enjoy since he keeps doing this shit. I’d love to know the legality by which THE Donkey Kong actually appears – did Nintendo okay this? Aren’t they famously impossible to get onboard for stuff like this? Also: Is that really Toru Iwatani? If so, way to spoil a maybe clever cameo, trailer.

The only other thing worth noting is that I think the neon-glow effect on the Pixels themselves feels too visually busy. In the original short they just looked like stacks of various opaque colored blocks, which was a much more stylish effect.

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