This Is Your New DC Cinematic Universe JOKER

There may come a day when there’s no more need for (by now) tired, cheap-shot references to how
effortlessly satisfying the Marvel movies have been versus the endless cycle of self-inflicted stumbles Warner Bros. DC Cinematic Universe has undergone.

A day when we can actually look forward to the JUSTICE LEAGUE-adjacent features with “I hope it’s good” anticipation and not “I wonder what *type* of trainwreck” anticipation.

A day when it’s no longer appropriate to point out the disparity between a studio dithering over whether or not a woman can carry a feature film versus another putting a talking raccoon on a marquee.

A day when you can assume that at least *some* ideas are too stupid to not make it into the post-MAN OF STEEL DC movieverse.

But it is not this day.

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