Steef Chowbes

Yeah, I’ll say it – this could be the best film of the year, and whether or not I’ll be able to engage is going to be contingent on the degree I can ignore Fassbender’s bizarro-world accent (it doesn’t even sound like Fassbender’s usual voice) as Steef Chowbes STEVE JOBS.

I’m sorry, but it’s incredibly distracting and not just because everyone on the planet knows what Steve Jobs’ voice sounded like and this ain’t it. The performance looks fine, cinematography is gorgeous, you know Danny Boyle is going to turn in something enjoyable (even garbage like TRANCE is watchable when he’s in charge,) the supporting cast looks great and whatever else you can say about Aaron Sorkin as a screenwriter he’s almost perversely well-suited to this material.

But that voice… GAH! Halfway through I started compulsively imagining this as a full-on parody, totally expecting Christoph Waltz to show up as Bill Gates and challenging his rival to a “bat-TEL ooph OH-furly man-hert Eee-yor-pean ACK-Sehn-TET Eeng-KLISH dihle-hock!”

Still rooting for this one, of course. Even if it falls more on the “brilliant but necessary asshole” side of things, we’re well overdue for a real-deal, deep-dive dressing-down of the Apple Cult and “slick” tech-scenes in general. Great performances have shown through obviously “wrong” casting elements before (Anthony Hopkins didn’t look or sound a thing like NIXON) but sheesh… this is gonna take some lifting, is all I’m saying.

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