Suicide Is Painless

If there’s ONE reason to be excited about comic-book continuity being a “movie thing” now, outside of just “because it can be,” it’s that the medium is rife with great material that really only works when it has a Universe backing it up. Among the best examples of that: “Suicide Squad,” a long-lived DC cult-fave whose knockout premise (an Government program that offers conditional pardons to incarcerated supervillains if they agree to use their special powers/skills for off-the-books, high-risk covert dirty-work assignments) just wouldn’t be as much of a knockout if we didn’t “know” these people were the assembled nemeses of a whole planet full of Batmans, Supermans, Flashes, etc.

With that in mind, just the knowledge that there is now going to be a cohesive (for good or ill) DC Movie Universe makes this already fairly kick-ass (despite being obviously comprised of very early, obviously-unfinished footage) SUICIDE SQUAD trailer feel like it’s got real weight to it. Plus, David Ayer is a fascinating choice for directing this sort of material, and even Will Smith looks like he showed up to play:

Whether or not this is any good will come down to the story, execution, etc; but as “sizzle reels” go this is a good one. I’m still not really “in love” with Floridian Juggalo Joker, but I can at least see it as a “look” he’d try on and – gods help us – Jared Leto actually seems pretty into it. 
The “thrift store versions of our usual costumes” look actually makes sense and goes with the overall feel (they look like those mall kiosk t-shirts where Popeye or Marylin or whoever are all tatted-up in L.A. gang ink and bandanas); and there’s a brief comics-perfect glimpse of Deadshot in his “classic” getup that at least leaves hope open that Margot Robbie (who looks nuts) will get to slip into Harley Quinn’s classic latex body-stocking at least once.
Really, though, what’s most interesting here is the idea that this (supposedly) R-rated, no-bullshit, grownups-only “side story” is being directly connected (and openly promoted as such) to the more PG-13 “big” DCU movies and promoted as such – you can see Ben Affleck’s Batman (plus someone wearing a Batman party-mask) right there in the action wrassling with Joker’s purple and green Lambo’ (because David Ayer) and Amanda Waller specifically namechecks Superman. That’s a bridge Marvel really has yet to cross (I’d love to see someone like Blade or Punisher spend their whole individual movie/show wading through blood only to show up in AVENGERS or whatever all “Oh, hey guys.”)

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