State of The Blog 9/6/2015


So, I haven’t posted anything in about a week. There are some personal/time-constraint reasons for that which are neither here nor there, but it was mainly an effect of not a terrible amount “going on” of late that I felt compelled to comment on. That part will change as we head into the “busy season” of movie screenings and conventions, but something else will likely be changing too.

I’m actively exploring the “replacement” of both this blog and the Game OverThinker blog with something like a unified “official site.” This was, some followers will remember, something that was supposed to already be happening but was delayed by my professional shakeup back in February. I’m probably leaning toward a WordPress-type service (any advice from web-designer followers would be appreciated) and looking to keep Disqus for comments, but we’ll see.

In any case, new content coming this week regardless. Until then, please enjoy this cool thing you probably already saw:

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