Lost Age

Colin Hanks, following in his dad’s footsteps as a friendly chronicler of history/pop-Americana:

This is gonna kick my ass, I can already tell.

I was a video-store guy, so my physical media retail experience lacks the direct rock n’ roll connection of my record-store brethren (musicians, even burnouts, make everything “cooler” by presence, even if they’re just working the checkout between dive gigs) but I’m desperately nostalgic for that “scene” all the same. Yes, streaming is a lovely modern convenience. Yes, lack of physical overhead levels the field for films/distributors of diverse backgrounds. 
But the end of the video/music/game/etc store as community hub for enthusiasts and dilettantes alike is a genuine cultural loss, there’s no question about that. People ask all the time how so much of film/TV/etc fandom has become toxic and narrow lately, and I can’t think of single bigger culprit than removing the idea of physical, real-world interaction with the media itself, with other consumers, with salespeople and so forth. We’ve very much lost the concept of growing by sharing spaces/interest, and this looks very much like a eulogy for that.

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