"JOY" Still Doesn’t Want You To Know What "JOY" Is About

I dunno. At this point I feel like JOY (installment number three of a film-series where we’re not supposed to notice that the director of SPANKING THE MONKEY keeps inexplicably casting Jennifer Lawrence as middle-aged mother/nurturer figures) should stop playing cute and just own the fact that it’s about the invention and maketing of The Miracle Mop.

I “get” that the idea is probably to avoid seeming like a “gimmick” premise, but from where I sit “Hey, this sort-of kitschy infomercial thing you maybe snickered at back in the 90s actually has a pretty compelling story behind it” is a more interesting pitch than “Jennifer Lawrence sternly walks through out-of-context working-class Americana for a few hours!”

THE FIGHTER was a solid, occasionally excellent movie; but the fact is David O. Russell has been on a career plunge since the magnificent THREE KINGS and thus far this one barely looks better than AMERICAN HUSTLE – and AMERICAN HUSTLE was fucking terrible.

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