Really That Good UPDATE

Hey gang.

So, update on the status of the next REALLY THAT GOOD episode. Short version: It’s coming, and soon. Obviously, I did not want to let the series go this long with VACATION as the most recent installment, but sometimes life gets in the way.

I could probably blame my recent health concerns, but the fact is it’s less about that and more about that being the impetus to reconnect with parts of my life that I’d allowed to become detached. A social life, even one as haphazardly-managed as mine, is important to cultivate; and a side-effect of this is less time alloted between paid work to give over to passion projects – particularly passion projects that don’t (for the most part) generate funding in and of themselves outside of viewers being hopefully wooed to chip in at The MovieBob Patreon.

That having been said, a greater impediment still was that I happened upon a situation where a film turned out to be impossible to place in proper retrospect without talking about its direct sequel, which in turn was impossible to itself quantify without talking about its predecessor. As such, the next REALLY THAT GOOD has become (by necessity) a two-film piece; which presents a new set of challenges and a rethinking of style and approach – which I believe I have cracked, hence this update.

I usually try to do these things as surprises, but since you’ve been kept waiting long enough I figured a small tease, at least, is in order. So…

The next REALLY THAT GOOD, ideally hitting in early November, will be Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN & SPIDER-MAN 2.

I’ve been picking away at this/these one/two for awhile in the background now, and I’m excited for how it’s coming together. I can’t wait to share it with you all, and I hope you’ll find the wait worth it.

P.S. Just for a further tease, I also hope to have a second episode ready for late-November and at least one for December as well. One is a Christmas movie (that I am mentally-preparing to record sound for while remaining verbally-composed), the other is about a boat. Stay tuned 🙂

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