"X-MEN: APOCALYPSE" First Trailer

So… yeah, they pretty much say right upfront that Apocalypse is, in fact, God – as in “the God.” That’s something you probably wouldn’t have seen in a mainstream superhero movie a decade ago.

Beyond that? Looks okay. The lack of more than a handful of people in any given scene kind of undercuts the “epic” feel (scale, along with action, simply isn’t Singer’s forte) and it looks like Jennifer Lawrence is going to have to keep seeking out roles where “palpable lack of engagement” is the only appropriate trait to express; but it looks the least Bryan Singer-ish of anything in the franchise apart from FIRST CLASS, so that’s a good thing – though I imagine plenty of people are going to be disappointed in Archangel looking like nothing so much as a fashion-show floorwalker.

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