Announcement: PITCH ME, MR. B – THE SEQUEL

Hey! Fans of this blog will likely recall this recently concluded bit of business, whereby we had ourselves some fun at the expense of reboot-happy Hollywood and held a little poll of various psuedo-dormant pop-culture franchises I figured I could (or had already) easily/amusingly brainstorm a “modern” pitch-treatment for. The last poll wound up with pieces for CAPTAIN PLANET, MEGA-MAN, X-MEN (a “joining the official MCU” version) and CARE BEARS.

Long story short, since it’s the end of the year and I could always use the distraction and the writing exercise, we’re going to do another one – but this time with a two little twists:

Firstly, in addition to counting votes made in the comments for THIS post, I’ll be conducting random Twitter-based polls as well and factoring in the totals from that at the end of voting. Secondly, this time, to keep everyone invested and (hopefully) sharing the post and links, there’s going to be FIVE possible choices instead of the previous four, and while the top four will still be written/published in order of popularity, choice #5 (aka “the loser”) won’t be written/published at all (or at least not until if/when I do a third run of these. So, basically, if there’s one you’re particularly enamored of? Do your part and get the word out 🙂

In any case, your FIVE potential “nominees” are:

Hypothetical new adaptation as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Real-time sequel set 25 years after the conclusion of GREMLINS 2.

Adaptation of the game series, primarily based off SFII with broader series tie-ins

Re-imagining of the NOES series, not connected to either the original series or the remake.

This would be a pitch for an entire series of interconnected films based on new versions of the classic Universal Monsters. This is something Universal is actually doing, but I bet they wouldn’t do it how I would – so it’d be fun to lay that out.

Alright. Get yourselves down into the comments and rank your choices from 1 (being most) to 5 (being least), and keep eyes on my Twitter (@the_moviebob) and let’s see who comes out on top. Polls will close at Midnight on Christmas Day.

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