Much Needed

If you’re like me, about 2 years ago you considered THE VENTURE BROS one of the Top 10 TV series ever to air. And if you’re like me, you imagine you’d probably still feel that way when Season 6 (finally!) starts airing later this month… except it’s been so long between seasons this time you’ve pretty-much forgotten where the narrative left off – which is kind of a big deal, since THE VENTURE BROS went from making fun of dense comic-book style mythology to actually having a super-dense mythology of its own (has there ever been an attempt to mock longform continuity where that didn’t happen?)

Fortunately, those concerns have been heard: Just like they did for the similarly-stalled Season 4, Adult Swim has released a continuity catch-up reel hosted by Gary/Henchman 21:

Well, I’m pretty-much psyched again!

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