What’s Going On?

UPDATE: The first of the “new projects” listed below can now be revealed – I have officially become part of the ScreenRant News Team!

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Hello, friends!

So. Some changes are afoot, and it’s time for a quick update. This technically should have been up sooner, but I was working a convention all weekend. Anyway…
You may have noticed that there wasn’t a new episode of IN BOB WE TRUST this weekend. That wasn’t an oversight – there wasn’t one produced. IBWT and ALL-NEW GAME OVERTHINKER are both taking a bit of a hiatus. There won’t be new episodes of either series for a time, and at this point I can’t specifically say when they’ll be back or in what form.

Don’t freak out.

Here’s the thing: The reality of Internet-based original programming is in the midst of a major evolutionary shakeup. As original web creators consolidate and grow bigger, in tandem with major media companies becoming increasingly part of the equation; the old model for web video i.e. self-producers making episodes week-to-week on their own self-determined schedule is gradually giving way to a more traditional TV-style “seasonal” model whereby shows come and go in arranged runs. You’ll note, for example, that ScrewAttack’s DEATH BATTLE is currently taking its break, and popular series like EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY have adopted the seasonal model to increase their production caliber and accommodate their live shows.

So it also goes for independent producers like myself: IN BOB WE TRUST and GAME OVERTHINKER were produced for a set run with ScrewAttack, that first run has concluded and now they’re on break; while fans of ScrewAttack’s broader content-library have no doubt taken note that BEST/WORST EVER and TOP TEN have started back up again. So goes the cycle. I can’t say when my two series will return at this point, or in what form: It’s possible that IN BOB WE TRUST (for example) might find a different homebase in the interim. It’s also possible (again, for example) that you might see me on ScrewAttack with another brand-new series. All I can say on that front is that you should stay tuned.

Especially since that’s far from all I’ve got going on 🙂

There are (at least) two major new projects I’ve currently got in production, at least one of which you should be hearing about very soon and another which is going to substantially expand my footprint in multimedia; so stay tuned for news on both of those fronts.

Finally, tops on my 2016 “to-do” list is to replace this blog (which is, I’m aware, very out of date for the kind of operation I’m increasingly running here) with a more functional, modern website. So keep an eye on that as well (especially if you’ve got experience in building professional sites and have anything to reccommend.)

As ever, while I’m aiming every day to once again be supporting myself and my work through regular employment in my chosen field(s), the new media landscape remains a tricky place in that regard. If you’d like what I’m putting out and would like to help ensure that I can keep providing it for you, please consider joining (or increasing!) support for The MovieBob Patreon.

Stay tuned!

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