2 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust: TOP TEN MOVIE THAT WILL PROBABLY SUCK IN 2017

  1. Sanunes says:

    I agree with the most of your list and can understand where I don’t agree.

    I do think Justice League is going to suck, mostly because Warner Bros. decided not to dump Zack Snyder off it when they removed him from the head of the DCU. At the same time I don’t think I have as much of a negative view as you do towards Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman since at least they felt like something different. It turned out to be a trainwreck, but I didn’t feel like I had already watched them already. So with Justice League it looks like it is going to be a bad movie that I already saw.

    The one movie that I sort of disagree with is The Mummy, but all of your points are valid and until we know more then “it stars Tom Cruise” it just seems to be a very cautious “meh” from me.


  2. Robert Bishop says:

    And here I was, thinking I was the only poor soul on this earth who liked Rock’n Rolla! Good list, by the way, but these kinds of things saddens me these days. I feel like movies that are poised to be shitty cash-grabs and/or reboots/sequels/prequels make up the majority of cinema lately. I don’t think I can even get to ten on a list of movies I really look forward to in 2017


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