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So. As many of you are no doubt aware, I’m currently in production on the next installment of “Really That Good,” the subject of which is THE MATRIX.


As you might imagine, THE MATRIX is a particular daunting target for analysis because it’s so densely layered with symbolism and reference but also because so much has already been written, blogged, vlogged etc about it – so it’s easy to get lost in the noise doing even basic research. Also complicating matters: The cultural understanding of the film/franchise keeps shifting as we come to know more about the extremely private Wachowskis as filmmakers and as individual persons.

With that in mind, I’m reaching out to my diverse and well-informed readership for some help on this one: Specifically, I’m looking to read/view any writing or other content that anyone would like to recommend that analyzes transgender themes (implicit or otherwise) THE MATRIX and/or looks at the films (and the Wachowskis greater body of work, for that matter) from a trans perspective. This is an important part of the broader cultural story of these films and filmmakers, and one I am not a firsthand nor academic expert in, and I feel it’s important to read as much as I can in that area before having anything to say about it; and while I’ve done some research on my own already, I believe there is plenty I’ve missed or didn’t know where to find that you readers may be able to point me toward.

If that happens to be the case, please post links (author names and descriptions also probly helpful) into the comments section on this post. The authors of any recommended work I end up citing will be credited in the episode.

Thank you in advance,
Bob Chipman

P.S. In the name of keeping things organized, please use the comments on this blog in lieu of sending emails unless you are not able to comment.

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9 thoughts on “Seeking Information & Enlightenment

  1. Dustin C. says:

    While not relevant to what you are asking for, I thought I’d mention that the first movie was used as an example of Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ during my high school days by my English teach and then again by a Philosophy professor in college. I’m not sure if you have already thought of this, but I thought it would be interesting to mention.


  2. Ross says:

    Never gave it too much thought before, but being trans and having people identify you by the wrong pronoun is probably a lot like having Agent Smith call you “Mr. Anderson,” when you identify as “Neo.”

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  3. ThePsychoWordsmith says:

    If you’re looking for insights into the Wachowski siblings, the series sense8 might prove useful. There’s a lot of focus on identity and the issues around it, mainly involving one of the leads who underwent a male to female transformation and is a lesbian afterwards. The series was released after the first sibling changed their gender and it’s very clear how personal that particular character’s struggle is to them.


  4. Michael Bagamery (@KalamataCake) says:

    Hey Bob, let me preface this with the observation that Really That Good was and is a great idea. Not that this source is terribly academic, but Ready Player One (a novel I will hazard a guess you’ve read at least once) has a subplot involving what could be described as a version of the Matrix (except that one can enter and exit it more or less at will) does have one character whose online image is the opposite gender from his/her birth one. Likewise, the character “Switch” in The Matrix was originally supposed to do that—transition from being a man in the real world to a woman in the Matrix. So … you might want to note under “On the Other Hand…” that the Wachowskis missed an opportunity to take this as far as they’d planned when they wrote that idea out before they started filming.


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