Trying something a little different here: Testing out the prospects for a podcast featuring me and my brother. Threw it up on YouTube to see what folks think in terms of numbers, feedback, etc – a “real” version (assuming it gets to that) would be an audio-only thing most likely.

Pretty free-form, we mainly end up discussing BATMAN V SUPERMAN, SPLIT, Disney movies, the 2017 Academy Awards and local Boston-area pseudo-celebrities. Like I said, a rough “pilot,” but hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what the dynamic would be like on a “regular” podcast. Had fun recording, hope it makes for a good listen – if you’d like to hear more, share this around and (if you haven’t already) please consider contributing to The MovieBob Patreon. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Try Some PODCASTING

  1. Canneddirt says:

    I liked it! Maybe more structure, but you and your brother have great chemistry and the conversation flows well. Make it and I will tune in.


  2. Travis says:

    I liked it. I don’t listen to enough “professional level” podcasts to give any constructive criticism, but I do enjoy listening to people talk about things that interest me, so I guess I’m just easy to please.


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