Maybe We’ll Be Okay After All

MST3K made the 90s bearable for me. Let’s see if it can do the same for this latest catastrophe.

Immediate first impressions: Looks appropriately executed. I’m glad they seem to have gone for some major design overhauls (no Satellite of Love, new villain set, looks like entering/exiting the theatre is different now), including what look like some increased movement for the puppets: Gypsy hangs down from the ceiling now, Tom’s hoveskirt can fly (maybe?) and possibly some marionette-style movement for Crow’s previously almost-immobile limbs – all of which look to be largely in service of doing more of the shadowplay gags Joel gave increased prevalence to in CINEMATIC TITANIC. Should be interesting. Day and Oswalt both look promising as well.

As for the movies, looks like we can confirm REPTILICUS (aka Danish GODZILLA), STARCRASH (aka Sexy Italian STAR WARS) and THE TIME TRAVELERS (somewhat self-explanatory, 1964) as three of the on-deck features. That’s already a promising lineup – nicely fitting into the “canon” of the past. I had been concerned we might see (with the bigger budget and Netflix backing) a shift to more recent “bad movie” standbys; and the world probably doesn’t need another “takedown” of THE ROOM, SHARKNADO or TROLL 2 at this point.

Please be good.

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