Here it is, the first “officially a podcast” version of my new project with my brother Chris. Please check it out and let us know what you think – bookmark official dedicated series site HERE.

(note: iTunes etc should be coming later, as this is a new-to-Libsyn podcast.)


3 thoughts on “The CHIPMAN BROS. TANGENT PODCAST: Episode 1

  1. Bedinsis says:

    Regarding present day riffing material for MST3K:

    I tried watching the beginning of one episode to get the hang of it. It didn’t appeal to me, I’m sorry to say(maybe it’s because the best material is that which is taking itself really serious while looking ridiculous, but I get more annoyed than amused when people riff on something that is coming out of the heart). Therefore my idea might not be so good, since I haven’t watched and liked the show, but could they use video games in the future?

    The idea is probably old at this point, making fun of video games has been the bread and butter of web comics for years and various lets players already riff, but the fact still is that video games having bad stories have been a truism for long enough that there ought to be plenty of material to work with. And if what happened to film(i.e. that a lot of the early works are now simply lost) will happen to video games there will be the chance to let old works be discovered through a MST3K style production.


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