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3 thoughts on “Game OverThinker Lists: TOP TEN GAME CONSOLES OF ALL TIME

  1. franksands (@franksands) says:

    Loved the list and I was pleasantly surprised to find the PS2 on top, not because I don’t think it deserves, which it most certainly did if only for God of War, but because I thought the top 5 would be all nintendo knowing your love for the big N.
    Also, I really like you brought back the game overthinker but ditched the distorted voice. I would also really like if you continued with the overthinker story, it was a lot of fun.


  2. Rhodoferax says:

    I’d argue that the PlayStation succeeded more due to marketing.

    Gaming wasn’t exactly niche in 1996, but it was still a minority hobby. Nintendo and Sega barely even bothered with advertising, and when they did, it was targeted to the existing video game community in the specialist publications. Sony realised there were millions of people out there who simply hadn’t considered gaming before, but might be open to it; as such, they aggressively marketed the PS1 as a mass-appeal system, spreading the idea that video games are for everybody.

    (It’s interesting that the dynamic between Sony and Nintendo reversed during the PS3/Wii era, with Sony increasingly focusing on the hardcore segment while Nintendo targeted casual gamers and mainstream humans)


  3. Triof says:

    I’d suggest that the 360 should really be higher up that list – after talking about how it effectively brought about modern console gaming as we know it, it seems strange to see it so far down compared to other consoles that are almost kind of interchangable at this point.

    I probably would’ve had the Wii at #10 (at most), as it was basically just sold around a gimmick, rather than being a success in its own right, regardless of how much it sold. If anything, I’d suggest the Wii was almost a failure as a console – an absolutely massive success for Nintendo obviously – but in terms of its line-up (like the practical lack of 3rd party exclusives), and the way most people seemed to abandon it after a few months, I can’t agree with calling it a great console. It feels pretty out of place here, compared to the other consoles which were mostly the very top of the range at the time they were released.

    I just don’t really feel sales numbers should count towards an objective ‘greatest’ list – if they do, then surely the Dreamcast has no place on here, as underrated as it was. The Dreamcast was probably ahead of its time, but I’m not sure how much impact it actually ever had.


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