Chipman Bros. Tangent Podcast 5/21/2017

NEW EPISODE! Bob and Chris talk HELLBOY, BAYWATCH and proper steak etiquette.


2 thoughts on “Chipman Bros. Tangent Podcast 5/21/2017

  1. Sannom says:

    My little brother (I could never stomach the thing myself, I went rather quickly to european mustard) had a “ketchup phase” when he was little, and it went weird, notably when he mixed up ketchup into plain yogurts and mashed potatoes.

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  2. Owen Symes says:

    Just FYI because I was curious as I was listening:
    Hellboy I budget 66 mil, box office 99 mil
    Hellboy II budget 85 mil, box office 160 mil

    I think that means that the sequel did better, right? 30% profit 1st time, almost 100% profit the 2nd…
    Source: Wikipedia (what else?)


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