Game OverThinker Lists: TOP 10 BEST MARIO GAMES

One thought on “Game OverThinker Lists: TOP 10 BEST MARIO GAMES

  1. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    I know you probably had to keep the list short, but I gotta say it hurt a little not seeing Sunshine here.

    Sunshine was such a breakout, standing completely independent in its own aesthetic and thematic style while still maintaining that iconic platforming core.

    The personalities and interactions between characters, the completely new soundtrack and the entirely original movement and puzzle solving abilities provided by the game are at LEAST as ground breaking as Mario Galaxy and its successor.

    Mario Sunshine really stands out, to me at least, as being one of the most iconic and important games in the franchise, to say nothing of the smooth and immersive gameplay that made it fantastic a challenge for new and veteran gamers alike.


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