Chipman Bros Tangent Podcast – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hey gang!

Time to announce a small change of arrangement to one of our projects, the Chipman Bros. Tangent Podcast. I’d been doing the bulk of recording and production work on that since the start, but because even I have my limits in terms of hours in the day the basic upkeep of that particular project (a new episode of which is coming shortly) will now be headed up by my brother and Podcast partner, Chris Chipman. To that end, Chris has established a Patreon of his own to fund and promote both the production of The Tangent Podcast and other creative audio/video projects of his own – you can find more information (and Chris’ Patreon itself) by going HERE:

What this means in the immediate is that, if you are a Patron who had pledged to MY Patreon exclusively to support the Tangent Podcast, you’d be advised to switch all or some of your donation amount over to Chris’ if you indeed want to ensure that the podcast itself both sustains and grows. Obviously, we do these things because we enjoy them, but having these projects funded means that we’re able to do them with greater frequency and quality than when they’re “only” a hobby.

In the broader scope: I am endlessly appreciative of my Patrons, and the fact that anyone actually wants to give me any amount of money to do anything continues to alternately humble me and blow my mind. As such, I’m always loathe to even imply that I might need/want anything more – hence why I don’t generally send out cheezy “Hey! Have you raised your donation lately?” emails and don’t even really like to raise the “goal” even when adding new projects; I can’t shake the feeling that it implies ingratitude to those who’ve already been so generous.

That having been said: Chris has been highly instrumental in A LOT of the projects from which many of you found me and thus this Patreon. He works very, VERY hard both at his job, as a husband and as a dad; and he’s also been itching to get back into doing creative and opinion-based work of his own for a long time. This new Patreon of his is a small way of helping that happen; and it’d mean the world both to him and to me if any of my Patrons who are at all able (and so inclined) could see fit to tossing some contribution his way – perhaps even through trimming a portion of your contribution to the MovieBob Patreon and dropping the remainder into Chris’ – it would be endlessly appreciated by the both of us. Once again, that new Patreon is:

Thank you all very much,
– Bob

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