It’s a weekday, so the “gamer community” is embarrassing itself:

2 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – THE CUPHEAD CONTROVERSY IS DUMB

  1. Jimmy Page (@Dwavenhobble) says:

    The argument is thought he wasn’t just bad he was incompetent. It would be like some-one writing about the film IT when their only knowledge of the Horror genre comes from them having once watched Sharknado. Also the accompanying article for this video made arguments that by being too hard it was leaving people behind. You yourself Bob did a big picture on about “The numbers” where you said people have every right to get annoyed when Trash succeeds and causes more complex ideas and to not get made. Or in film terms it would be like arguing that because The Mountains of Madness is too complex it should be dumbed-down so even the fans of Transformers Rise of the Fallen can get it.


  2. Tony Mach says:

    2:59 So this is *_THE_* “really big deal”? Really? This?

    Not Trump’s politics of encouraging and pandering the (alt-)right, racists and white supremacy gang? But that he does it (supposedly) on the behest of Putin? And if Trump did his divisive politics by his own accord, it would be just … fine? I guess? Really?

    This is all “Birthers” and “Truthers” reloaded, where instead of arguing about politics (you know the content of politics, and bringing actual arguments for or against a certain kind of politics), people focus on some tangent that exists mainly in their mind, and which may actually be inconsequential even if actually proven true. To put it bluntly, Trump makes horrible politics, and whether he is Putin’s pawn or not will not change anything, certainly not with those who follow him and think that Trump is right.


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