3 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI SPOILER TALK

  1. Mike says:

    I love watching your videos. You get into the history behind a series, discuss story & development, and look at the movie making as a whole. I think you completely missed the mark with TLJ. I thought the movie was full of lazy writing and inept story telling and was shocked when you said it was good.

    1. Snoke’s backstory matters. How did he rise to power after The Last Jedi? How did he meet Kylo? Why does Kylo follow Snoke?
    2. Luke doesn’t make sense. Why would he want to kill a student in their sleep? Seriously. He thought he could turn Darth Vader to good, but for whatever reason, decided Kylo had to die?
    3. Hyperspace weaponization is a big deal. That changes how any battles would have been fought. Why wouldn’t the smaller ships that ran out of gas just turn around and destroy the enemy ship?
    4. The Last Jedi disregarded all of the previous story lines and canon. TLJ built up Rey’s lineage as a big deal – why disregard it?. Also, what is the story behind Luke’s light saber? I guess he decided to not be a Jedi teacher and got rid of it? We all know Leia was force sensitive and could feel moments…but she never used the force in any other movie. Flying through space seems completely out of place. Luke had to practice using the force in order to move a spaceship, but Leia is able to use it to fly through space?

    Those are my biggest gripes, but there are plenty of other issues I have with the movie:
    1. Why did Rose crash into Finn? Wasn’t he trying to save the day by destroying the weapon? He was caught trying to escape in the escape pod, made an arc to be a hero, and decides to be a hero, and then Rose crashes into him?
    2. I too hated that casino planet sequence.
    3. Why did Rey and Kylo do that weird Jedi FaceTime? It felt weird and out of place in a Star Wars movie.
    4. Why did Luke have such a stupid death scene? And for that matter, what about General Ackbar?

    I am okay with a new chapter in the Star Wars universe. I want new characters and new stories. However, this movie felt like it went out of its way to give fans the middle finger. What am I missing? How are you able to see so much good in this film while overlooking (what appears to me) serious plot holes?


  2. Rich says:

    It wasn’t the movie I thought it would be. I was expecting a rollicking good adventure but instead I was just bored and ended up leaving the cinema depressed. Not really sure I care about episode nine any more.


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