ALSO: New longread on ScreenRant – “The Six Things Every MCU Superhero Has In Common”


  1. swanpride says:

    Reading your article, I have a complain: Steve Roger’s father was not an alcoholic or abusive, Steve Roger’s father was a freaking war hero and Steve Roger never even meet him because he died of gas before Steve was even BORN.


  2. maarvarq says:

    Screen Rant – ugh. I got banned from commenting there for pointing out that some of the less bright of their writers don’t know the difference between defusing something and diffusing it, or the difference between a pun and an allusion.


  3. swanpride says:

    So, after allowing the article to sink in…not your best work. For one, a lot of what you list are just very general tropes which turn up in a lot of movies (especially the strengths which doubles as a weakness, designing a character around that concept is writing 101). But even more important, you claim that those elements are part of ALL the major heroes stories – but what you are actually doing is picking an element which fits a few of them, and then you crowbar the others into your theory and skip over the examples which don’t fit at all.

    There is no reason to believe that Steve Rogers has parental rejection anxiety. He never know his father and if anything he might worship him, there is no indication that he had a bad relationship with his mother, if anything she seemed to be very caring, and his closest family relationship is actually Bucky, the one person who has been with him his whole live. Thor clashes with his father, but there is no indication that he is in any way insecure about Odin’s love for him…that is Loki’s stick, not Thors. Yes, Peter really wants Tony’s approval, but there is no indication that he ever felt rejected by May or anyone else in his family, the approval is more about being accepted as an adult than about some sort of praise.

    And yes, some of the heroes are fighting against a dark mirror of themselves, but neither Thor nor and of the GotG nor Peter does. Loki is not a dark mirror to Thor, he is the polar opposite, same for the Vulture in regard to Peter, Peter is the young genius, Vulture the blue collar worker from another era.

    In the end it boils down to “yeah, that is correct, except when it isn’t”.

    (Btw, the “overqualified girlfriend” part is a little bit sexist. I understand what you are going for, but calling Peggy, Jane or Pepper “overqualified” for actually being good at the job they choose from themselves is a really questionable wording.)


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