One thought on “In Bob We Trust – TOYS WERE US

  1. Miles Barrett says:

    As a Botanist/”plant guy” I spent several seconds obsessing over the Heirloom tomato photo. I was trying to determine if it was a “Black” tomato deriving pigment from chlorophyll breakdown against a red background — making it a true heirloom. Or if it was a “Purple” tomato gaining it’s pigment from diverting Provitamin A down the anthocyanin pathway. Anthocyanins are the same pigment found in blueberries. The purple tomato is not an heirloom; it was a recent invention (I was one of the low-level techs working alongside its development). After further review, the image appears to be heirloom black tomatoes. Let it be known that MOVIEBOB is a guy that knows his tomatoes.


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