3 thoughts on “In Bob We Trust – THE APU TRILOGY: PART II

  1. Dwarvenhobble (@Dwavenhobble) says:

    Minor correction Bob. the rape charges against Assange have been dropped and have been for almost a year (19th May 2017) they were dropped.

    Also really you expected Assange to do what? Help the person who suggested killing him via drone strike?

    As far as “aiding White Nationalists” the leaks were out there already? What is the guy calling for Transparency and leaking documents only meant to leak documents that make the party you hate look bad?

    Had Bernie ended up as the Democratic candidate the DNC emails would have had no fucking impact because shockingly there was no dirty dealing with Sanders in them.


  2. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    I genuinely stopped to comment exactly what Dwarvenhobble just said;

    Assange is vilified extensively beyond that which is really justified. The guy is no hero, but he is no a pro-right-wing nationalist rapist as so many want to claim. Consider that prior to any dealings with Obama’s administration the majority of wikileak’s content was actually revealing major right-wing coverups and military redacted files.


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