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2 thoughts on “Review: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT

  1. bort says:

    Mission Impossible as a movie franchise exists in something of a nether-verse for me. Only the first movie is what I’d consider appropriately Mission: Impossible fair. The dismal first sequel and then the rest feel more like an American answer to Bond than anything else. Now, I enjoy the movies but the high energy action focus, with the guns and explosions pushes it away from what I enjoy(ed) about the television show. My favorite part of each episode is when the team is driving away, the bad guys are reaping consequences and no one left behind knows exactly what happened or why their world fell apart so completely.

    But I get why that doesn’t happen in movies. And I’m okay with that.

    Maybe it’s showing my age or something but that first Mission Impossible is still the one to beat.


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