1. Anonymous says:

    I only count a plot hole a plot hole if:
    * the character acts in the moment outside of his/her characterization
    * the established rules of the movie’s universe are contradicting in a not explainable way

    People do not always behave rationally. When an irrational behaviour it’s the director’s job to make it clear that that is the fact, otherwise it becomes pure debate fodder.

    And the point about contradicting rules… Don’t establish rules when you break them anyway. This is for me the most hated aspect of a film. Rules are there to create tension around those. You can “predict” what’s going to happen next just to see the rule being bent or loop-holed by another that creates an exciting moment. If the rule is just being broken it diminishes the world that the film creates in my opinion.

    Plot contrivance is a whole other beast, it’s annoying but less irksome.
    My definition of plot contrivance is when the action is 100% determined by a sudden and for the plot beneficial (positive or negative). Accidents happen out of nowhere and I understand that they are part of life. In movies I can accept them, however it solely depends on the way it’s portrayed and how it’s resolved. It can be debatable if it’s good or bad but I these always diminish my enjoyment a small bit. If it leads to a better moment with a better payoff then it’s easier forgiven.


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