5 thoughts on “Big Picture: MISCHIEF MANAGED

  1. onuryn says:

    Great points Bob. Here’s an idea: why don’t they hire a multiculturally diverse group of kid actors and the premise is that after the whole Voldemort shenanigans this class will spend a whole school year in each of the Wizarding Schools, for some reason (to bring peace and understanding? for a school integration proof of concept, maybe even with some muggles along? whatever the studio wants).

    You’d have 7 to 8 pre-pitched sequels, using the boarding schools framework, really exploring and expanding the world, and being able to do the sorting scene in every single movie (cool, I’m a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts, but a Wampus in Ilvermorny). And a nice mix of typical western witchery (Hogwarts, Ilvermorny, Beauxbatons, Durmstrung) with some more out there ideas (Koldovstoretz, Castelobruxo, Uagadou, Mahoutokoro).


      • overman says:

        Now, I don’t think homosexuality is anything bad, people are just different and like different things and that’s fine. And I get that referring to homosexual males as “faggots” is a not a good thing, one should not do that in polite conversation.

        Since you’re just an internet troll, however, I guess you’re nothing more than an insecure closeted homosexual undeserving of anything resembling a polite response. And if you reply to this you’ll just be proving to be a faggot. You faggot.

        Or bitch, if you’re female. No need to be sexist here.


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