Warner-Discovery BLOCKS “The Snide-er Cut”

UPDATE! A new – slightly updated to comply with the specific seconds of audio/video that were flagged for Content ID by Warner-Discovery – has been re-uploaded to YouTube and is now able to be viewed again HERE


While I can appreciate it as a fan of irony, it’s none the less irritating to report that Warner-Discovery has effectively buried the compilation-cut of “Really That Bad: Batman v Superman – The Snide-er Cut” under MULTIPLE content-claims (it was previouly approved by YouTube’s upload system checks with no issue and found acceptable for several days) and it is now blocked pending the appeal process. 

For now, the original three segments are still available in their separated format from 5 years ago:
P1: https://t.co/BPnb5PKuWU
P2: https://t.co/xCVLXy2bkm
P3: https://t.co/9qCXxXF9Fp

Even if unblocked, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll be able to continue earning ad revenue from the upload, which would be more than a bummer at this time of year; but it serves as a reminder to why I’m grateful to THE MOVIEBOB PATREON platform and to Patrons. Thank you, as ever, for being part of this – or if you’re just stopping by; please considering joining or letting others know about it 😁


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