VIDEO REVIEW: Vicky Christina Barcelona

4 thoughts on “VIDEO REVIEW: Vicky Christina Barcelona

  1. Dark_Apprentice says:

    One thing i really miss about Woody Allen is his comedies, they play a little like sitcoms but aren’t preachy or, most important of all, stupid.I think you should do a video review, or a writen review (it doesn’t really matter to me) about the state of blockbusters nowadays. kind like the game overthinker but about movies. Why is it that every movie must be pg-13 nowadays, why every franchise must be stupified for a new generation (indy 4, T3, Die hard 4, and so on) of consumers? what the hell happened to the movie industry? why does everyblockbuster is required to use CGI even if its crap?well just a thought. keep up your moviebob and game overthinker blog entries… they are very good and very well writen and i love them too.your fan from Portugal…


  2. tyra menendez says:

    yeah… pretty much everything you mentioned about woody allen is why i don’t like him. it wouldn’t be so bad, if people didn’t hold him up as some fucking writer/director god, among mortals.


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